You’ll see it when you believe it

As I sit and write this I am looking out across my garden and the rain is absolutely pouring. The skies are grey and there is a chill in the air. I actually love this time of year and I use the autumn/winter season to knuckle down and plan for next years opportunity and growth. I rather like the idea of being holed up squirrelling away in my office. The lure of the sun lounger is no more!

This weekend wasn’t without it’s challenges. A two day trip to hospital really acted as an eye opener and I spent many hours journalling about many different topics. Don’t panic, I’m absolutely fine! In fact, the hospital trip really got me thinking about a major issue wedding business owners face. Perception.

It started because I was thinking about how different people see hospitals. I heard a patient say ‘I hate hospitals, they are cold, unwelcoming and smell of death’. At that very moment I was journalling about how grateful I am to life in a society where medical assistance is not only available but also free. I thought about people across the globe who have to travel for days to reach the nearest ‘hospital’ and wondered how they might perceive one of our UK hospitals. I wrote on my page: hope, life, faith, belief, promise.

So two humans, both on the same planet, can perceive the same thing in completely different ways.




Interesting right?! OK a hospital is an extreme example but the point I’m trying to illustrate here is that people see and interpret things in wildly different ways. Let’s do a little test, since running your business, how many have you thought any of the below thoughts:

  • s/he’s better than me.
  • s/he’s more experienced than me.
  • s/he has more loyal clients than me.
  • s/he is more popular in the industry than me.
  • I can’t put my prices up because xyz only charge abc.

A totally excellent English teacher of mine at senior school told me that to succeed in life I had to ‘act as if’. To this day I’ve never forgotten that advice and often think about the impact it’s had on my life.

So here’s a thought…. how about those other people are ‘acting as if’ they are more experienced or worth more money.

How about if in the act of ‘acting as if’ clients are actually attracted to them and employ their services. And in doing that, how about they actually end up working with their ideal client and being respected by the wedding industry. Simply because right at the beginning they ‘acted as if’ they’d already got to where they were going.

The fabulous Wayne Dwyer wrote a brilliant book called ‘You’ll See It When You Believe It’. Just the title speaks volumes. I’ve developed the ability to steer my negative thoughts but I know, 100{ef1a1177ecfed7b2c2ae6e19832a51a72cd66726c627c9dc36118b614d76f1b5} that until I believe something is possible it’ll NEVER happen for me.

The question you need to ask yourself right now is:

“What can I ‘act as if’ has happened in the most important areas of my life right now?”

The reason that question is important is that we quite often get exactly what we expect – which is a pretty powerful concept if we take time to let it in and live with that awareness.

I know because I’ve coached many wedding business owners and over the years heard so many of these types of comments:

‘I knew it would fail’

‘I told him it wasn’t going to work’

‘I knew it was ridiculous to think it was possible’

Instead of waiting to see how things turn out, hoping that they will get better, or simply allowing the circumstances and situations in our lives to determine how we feel – what if we acted as if we had everything within us and around us that we need to be successful, happy, and fulfilled.

What if indeed.

With Love

Faye x

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