What’s your ‘type’ – 2 ways to find out…

This week I’ve been doing lots of work with my coaching clients on mindset. Now I know just by mentioning this word that some of you will switch off because talking about mindset makes you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps you think this is for ‘airy fairy’ people and not for proper business folk.

The reality is that I’m not someone who has always understood the importance of mindset either. For years I was on my wedding photography journey alone and I know now that I was completely neglecting the health of my mind and had no respect for it’s importance on the success of my business. If this is you – please tune in now!
In my experience there are two types of people:

People who watch their peers grow, develop, expand and wonder how they’re doing it. These people work hard, really hard… maybe even pushing themselves to limits a lot of the time. They don’t have a proper work/life balance and often miss out on spending time with friends and family because they are working long hours. These people hope that one day things will get better and try to find a way to make this happen but never take action. They are reluctant to ask for help and struggle to be a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ for their business. Sometimes they are so overwhelmed by running a business that they start to question their ability. These people never invest in help and as such are treading water and never gaining any ground.
Then there are people who know they want change. They crave more and have a clear vision of making this happen. These people ask for help, they seek support in areas they are struggling and they work hard to make a change. These people respect the fact that they can’t always go alone and seek out the assistance from other people to develop themselves and their business. These people set goals and set into place a timeline of actions that will enable them to smash these goals. Typically things happen a lot quicker for these people, they believe in themselves and allow themselves to constantly re-invest in themselves and their business. They have a great work/life balance and enjoy reaping the rewards of their successful business.
Which are you?

This has NOTHING to do with talent, this is MINDSET. Every day I hear potential clients telling me how their limiting beliefs are having a negative effect on their businesses:

‘No-one really makes very much money in this industry’

‘I can’t find anyone who wants to buy my product’

‘I can’t raise my rates because everyone else is charging less’

‘I have less followers than all of my competitors’

‘I can’t find any ideal clients’

Does this sound like you? Are you sabotaging your own business? If you are, ask yourself the below questions:

Do you have a clear vision of your business goals?
Do you have a clear vision of your lifestyle goals?
When do you want to achieve these by?
What do you need to do to achieve these?
What’s stopping you from achieving these?
What are you willing to do to make things better?
If you’re still reading and you’re feeling overwhelmed but are ready to ask for help, I’m offering:

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