Ways to tell you need a holiday

Do you need a holiday?

This week I’m taking a holiday to North Wales. We’re staying in a traditional Welsh Cottage in Snowdonia where we can enjoy the amazing mountains and also the beautiful rugged coastline.

I love travelling and particularly enjoy varying where I go to suit my mood. Right now I feel like I need space, fresh air and freedom so have planned this trip specifically around this. When was the last time you took a holiday? What do you even consider to be a ‘holiday’? For me it’s a break of my usual flow. Because I’m massively driven by routine and schedules it’s even more important for me to mix this up sometimes. It can be an incredibly powerful experience to detour your usual flow and go in a different direction for a while. I also love to see new places. Every time I do I feel like I’m adding to my bank of cultural memories and experiences. Do any of these sound like you?
You feel like you’re on a treadmill and the weeks just seem to pass by.
You can’t remember the last time away you had.
Every week seems like a battle: |FNAME| vs the to-do List!
You struggle to think clearly during your treadmill life.
You have ideas and dreams but can’t find the time to make them a reality.

If it does then maybe it’s time you started planning a getaway! A holiday doesn’t always have to be time away either. I consider a holiday to be a break from the ‘norm’ so when I don’t have the time to be away I make sure I take time away from the routine by:
Having a manicure and pedicure.
Having my hair cut and blow dried.
Taking a walk somewhere different.
Sitting in a cafe, sipping coffee, watching the world go by.
Reading my favourite book in the garden (or by the woodburner!)
Exercise (yes I know it’s crazy but it’s a space that isn’t a workspace and clears space in my mind!)

Have a great week whatever you are doing. If you need a holiday start planning today. The planning can often be just as fun! With Love Faye x P.S I have freed up some time next week when I return to talk to you about how my coaching can help support you and your business. |FNAME| I’m sure you have questions about how it can help you so please book a time using the link below!