Are You a Troll (it’s not what you think!)

What a fantastic week it’s been πŸ™‚ If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that we made a last minute decision to head down to Devon for the week. The West Country is our second home – both my husband and I are originally from there and the children absolutely love going back to see family. I felt so exhilarated as we made the decision to go. People ask me what the best part of running my own business is and honestly it’s exactly that. It’s going to Devon on a whim because we feel like it… it’s being able to go without checking in or asking permission… it’s about making choices that I want when I want.

That feeling, that sense of freedom and independence is one of the best things in the world.

During our time away the children watched the new film, Trolls. OK so your idea of a good film might not be the latest Dreamworks release but the message behind the film is so strong, which is why I wanted to bring it to your attention. In short, these creatures called Bergen’s believe that the only way to be happy is to eat Trolls. Over years the Bergen’s have been told by the King that it is impossible to be happy without eating Trolls. Of course the concept is absurd but it got me thinking that this exact same belief system exists for many people today. Every day I hear: “When I’ve got x number of clients a year I’ll feel happy” “If I achieve my goal I’d feel so happy” “I’ll be happy when I get more money”

Is this how you feel? Do you tell yourself that you’ll be happy when/if?

The next time you catch yourself saying or thinking, β€œI’ll be happy when…” try to replace it with, β€œI’m happy because…”

Here are a few examples:

  • Instead of, β€œI’ll be happy when I achieve my goal.” think, β€œI’m happy because I’m achieving my goal.”
  • Instead of β€œI’ll be happy when I have a money.” think, β€œI’m happy because I’m working towards making more money.”
  • Instead of β€œI’ll be happy when I get more clients.” think, β€œI’m happy because I am working towards getting more clients.”

Move your focus away from the outcome and towards the growth you are experiencing. The next time you achieve a major goal of yours, try to notice how quickly a new goal fills its place. When this pattern repeats itself enough times it becomes easy to understand how happiness is always available. No need to eat any trolls πŸ™‚ With Love, Faye x P.S. I have just two spaces left for a September start. September is a great month to begin a programme like this to really kickstart your 2018. Book a call now using the link below to understand how I can support you.