Time is of the essence – act now!

Every day I receive emails asking a whole host of different questions about running a business in the wedding industry. This time of year the questions that come are almost always something along the lines of: – I’m feeling anxious about next year – How do I get more bookings for next year? – How do I put my prices up when I have no bookings confirmed? – What can I do now to change next years result? And the truth is that if you’re not thinking about next year already then you’re behind already. NOW is the time to implement change, NOW is the time to set goals, NOW is the time to make the big decisions that will impact you for next year. For some of you, part of your 2018 strategy is to work with a business coach (I know this because this is the time of year when I get the most enquiries about my coaching programmes) so this week I want to share the outcomes of a couple of amazing people I’ve recently worked with. So far this year I’ve worked with photographers, make-up artists, cake bakers, stationery designers, wedding dress designers, stylists, planners and florists.

“Thank you so much Faye. I honestly couldn’t have hoped for more from the coaching. I feel like a completely different business woman and person since working with you. You’ve been so supportive. Any time I mentioned an idea I had, you listened and immediately was able to position it in a way where it felt not only achievable, but also as if it had more potential than I had given it credit for. That gave me the drive to see things through.

Investing in yourself with a business coach is a fantastic way to move yourself forward. I have made more leaps and bounds in the past 12 weeks than the previous 3 years. Faye was so supportive, so generous with her knowledge and infectiously enthusiastic. If you are committed to chasing your dreams, this programme will give you the tools to reach them.”

{Helen Warner – Wedding Photographer, UK}

“Before working with Faye I had many ideas but just couldn’t organise them. Faye helped me make sense of everything and she was able to ‘turn the light on’ for me and my business. The coaching programme was the best and most amazing experience in my life.Now I have a completely different mindset. Everything comes so easily to me now. She guided me through many difficult moments and now I’m headed for success.

If you’re looking for a big change I urge you to consider Faye’s coaching programme. Her support is quite simply incredible. Thank you Faye for everything.”

{Lisa Barsotti – Wedding Stylist, Italy}

So, here are some questions for you:- Do you want 2018 to be your best year yet? – Are you ready to commit to yourself? – Are you willing and open to find a new way? Perhaps you’ve been following my newsletters for a while, you may have even looked at website and be considering coaching. You may have even got as far as clicking the button to book a call. Let me tell you… now is the time. Now is the time to grab this opportunity and take yourself and your business forward. I currently only have 2 spaces available to start in September and they will go FAST so click the button below to book a call. For those of you who take this opportunity, I can’t wait to speak to you. The reason that I love this job so much is that I get to work with ambitious and driven people like YOU! I look forward to learning more about you and your business and finding ways to take those quantum leaps you’ve been dreaming of. With love, Faye x   P.S – If you’re looking for a wedding industry business coach please book your complimentary discovery session now!