The secret of Happiness is Freedom

The secret of Happiness is Freedom. The secret of Freedom is Courage.

Hello again – wow how quickly do the weeks roll by. I can’t believe it’s already 4th January. I don’t know about you but now that the excitement of Christmas and New Year has passed I am ready for Spring!

I heard the birds tweeting yesterday and for just a moment I let my mind wander…. the smell of the first cut of the grass, eating supper in the garden, the blossom on the trees and evening walks watching the sun go down. Bliss. Coupled with my excitement for Spring I also find this time of year massively exciting for my business. Over the Christmas break I disconnected as much as I could but I still had my trusty to-do list on hand. When ideas popped up I wrote them all down and I look forward to bringing these scribbles to life! I do recognise that this time of year can be difficult for some. When you’re juggling a job, a family and a new business it can be tough. 7 years ago this was me. I was struggling to hold down a demanding career whilst trying to advance myself and my business. January was a month where panic started to set in and I worried that my bookings weren’t where they should be, that I was behind the curve, and it would be too late to achieve my desired bookings for the summer. In my ‘real’ job I was being pushed by my seniors to commit to annual budgets, travel overseas, recruit more team members. My head was a mess. After a lot of soul searching, talking and agonising I decided that I had to take action. I had a strong feeling that if I didn’t then I might miss my opportunity altogether. The thought of that made me feel so sad. I craved freedom.

How can you find freedom?

I believe that freedom comes from realising that your options in life are only limited by our ability and willingness to seize the moment. Be Bold. Every Day. Start today! Grab a coffee, write a list or create a vision board to show what your personal freedom will look like. The secret to getting ahead is getting started! Love + Best Wishes Faye

What does freedom look like?

Obviously freedom is an entirely subjective thing and can look different for everyone. Mine goes something like: – working the hours I choose – trusting that my systems work – being clear on my objectives – spending time with my family – not having to work in the evening – spending money without guilt – being happy and healthy P.S Are you a Wedding Photographer, a Wedding Florist, a Wedding Planner, a Wedding Stationer (or indeed any Wedding Business) and are you looking for a Wedding Business Coach? Perhaps you’re looking specifically for Wedding Photography Training? If you are please get in touch by clicking on ‘Book A Call’ above.