1. Welcome to The Wedding Business Podcast

Hello and a warm welcome to the very first episode of The Wedding Business podcast. 

I’m Faye Cornhill, wedding photographer, business and mindset coach and founder of The Wedding Business Club. 

Through coaching I help business owners reach their goals, and now, with this podcast I want to motivate, inspire and energise you to create wildly successful and profitable businesses. 

Each season I’m going to bring to you a variety of episodes. From practical information that will help you build your wedding business, to interviews with guests sharing their expertise, as well as sharing some of my meditations with you, because mindset is everything. 

So let’s not wait any longer. Let’s dive straight in.


I’m Faye!

Faye Cornhill is a business coach to the wedding industry. With her signature mix of positivity, motivation and common sense, she specialises in helping aspirational business owners follow their dreams of making it in the world of weddings. To join her tribe visit www.thewedingbusinessclub.com.

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Motivate / Energise / Inspire

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Motivate / Energise / Inspire

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