44. How to be resilient and life and business with wedding cake designer Anna Lewis

Joining me today is the brilliant and talented Anna Lewis who, after 20 years in a successful marketing career, took the leap to follow her love for weddings and baking to launch her business – creating stunning luxury cakes for weddings and special occasions.

When the Pandemic hit in 2020, Anna used the downtime to hone her craft making a dummy a cake every single day and getting really focused on building her online presence. 

In the year that followed Anna and her family sadly suffered multiple losses and she found herself in a really difficult place. 

Anna’s story of how she lifted herself up from this challenging time is truly inspirational, finding strength and peace through baking and channelling her creativity. 

The last few years have been testing for everyone and Anna’s story of resilience demonstrates how doing one thing each day, or each week, that moves your business forward compounds over time and has a positive impact. 

Today we also dispel the myth of overnight success, Anna tells me how one of her cakes went viral and her brilliant tip for seeing how far a business has evolved from their old Instagram posts! 

You can find Anna’s beautiful cakes on her website:  www.annalewiscakes.com and connect with her on Instagram @annalewiscakedesign 


I’m Faye!

Faye Cornhill is a business coach to the wedding industry. With her signature mix of positivity, motivation and common sense, she specialises in helping aspirational business owners follow their dreams of making it in the world of weddings. To join her tribe visit www.thewedingbusinessclub.com.

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