37. Welcome to Season 4

Hello, and a very warm welcome back to The Wedding Business Podcast Season 4! 

I am so excited to be bringing you a fourth season of The Wedding Business Podcast with more even brilliant guests from our community who will be bringing their genius and sharing their knowledge and expertise. We’re going to be covering SEO, mindset, finding your niche, growing your business, looking after your mental wellbeing and much much more. 

So stay tuned for all of that, but first I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what 2021 has bought for our industry and what it’s taught me. While it’ll be different for everyone, there are some really important key themes to bring to the table because the landscape is changing, and that’s OK because your business can change and evolve as well.

But if you feel like you’re not evolving, and you’re just staying put, we’ve got some great episodes coming up on how to really put your stake in the sand and say, I’m going in that direction over there. And if you’re listening to today’s episode and thinking I need to be part of the wedding business community then hang in there!

Doors to the club are open, so come and find out all about us https://www.theweddingbusinessclub.com/ 

I love making this podcast, I love hearing your comments and I love connecting with new people, so if we haven’t met yet, come and say hi on Instagram @fayecornhill and we also have @theweddingbusinessclub. 

We work in the most amazing industry, with the most amazing people and I cant wait to meet more of you.

I can’t wait to share this season with you. 

See you again next week.


I’m Faye!

Faye Cornhill is a business coach to the wedding industry. With her signature mix of positivity, motivation and common sense, she specialises in helping aspirational business owners follow their dreams of making it in the world of weddings. To join her tribe visit www.thewedingbusinessclub.com.

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