17. Keeping faith in business when times are tough

This week on The Wedding Business podcast I am joined by a very special member of The Wedding Business Club, Felicity Abekah, the incredibly talented designer and founder of Felisiti Greis

Felicity is very much a natural creative who has loved art from a young age. Her passion for creating intricate and technical pieces led her to designing beautiful handcrafted wedding dresses which are intricately finished to perfection.

Today, Felicity shares with me how her Ghanaian heritage has influenced her work and her entrepreneurial spirit and how she keeps the faith, even when the chips are down. 

Felicity’s energy and enthusiasm for her work and our industry comes shining through in this episode and her positive outlook is contagious, so I can’t wait to share her experience with you. 

You can see more of Felicity’s beautiful bridal wear at www.felisitigreis.com & follow along on Instagram @felisitigreis

This year I’ve seen Felicity’s business absolutely blossom and if you’re looking for a bit of help to get moving forward I have some exciting news for you. 

If you have questions about the club and if this is the right fit for you, please do reach out to me on Instagram @fayecornhill or on Facebook @FayeCornhillCoaching > the link to join us is https://theweddingbusinessclub.com/

I can’t wait to see you there!


I’m Faye!

Faye Cornhill is a business coach to the wedding industry. With her signature mix of positivity, motivation and common sense, she specialises in helping aspirational business owners follow their dreams of making it in the world of weddings. To join her tribe visit www.thewedingbusinessclub.com.

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