Tell me, do you play the piano?!…

Where did this last week go? How can it be a whole seven days since I sat here at my desk and wrote to you last?! They do say that time flies when you’re having fun 🙂 This week we’ve taken another step forward with the house renovation and today the builders arrived. Eeeek. I’m so excited to see the transformation that will take place and look forward to sharing with you along the way.

This week I was journalling about transformation and it took me back to thinking about transformation from the eyes of a child. I often try to think about things in a way my children do because it strips the limiting beliefs away and often I can have a clearer perspective.

Specifically it got me thinking about learning. I’ll give you an example.

If a child decides they would like to learn the piano, what do they do?

  • they get some books and a piano
  • their parents enrol them with teacher and go to weekly lessons
  • they practice and practice until they drive their parents crazy!

If an adult decides they want to set up a new business, what do they do? Quite often they will buy the book and the piano but that’s it, they stop….Every day I hear people saying things like: “It just didn’t happen for me” “The clients just never came” “Everyone else got better and better” “It was such a saturated market, I would never be able to stand out” As an adult it’s easier to feel that we don’t need the lessons and it shouldn’t be so hard to have to practice every day.

And there lies the mistake. To be a successful business owner you have to be looking, every single day, at how you can become better.

If you’re looking for instant gratification, running a business is going to be very tough for you. You absolutely must dig deep, buy the books, enrol a teacher and practice, practice, practice!

Here’s my Top 6 Tips for transforming your life and business (without becoming impatient!)

  • The Universe Has Your Back (by Gabrielle Bernstein) – read this book, it’ll help you understand that what you want from life is entirely possible.
  • Divine Timing – sometimes things don’t happen when you want them to and you will feel a sense of disappointment. See this as an opportunity for that goal to happen at another time, when it’s absolutely right.
  • Trust – SO IMPORTANT. You must evolve your thinking to a state of trust that everything you desire will come your way.
  • Goal Setting – this is obvious but just as a reminder, you absolutely must have business AND personal goals.
  • Enrol a teacher – get help and support from someone who has achieved what you’re trying to achieve
  • Practice!

Have a wonderful week – set new goals, learn new skills and please tell me all about it! With Love Faye x P.S – A special message for you *|FNAME|*. I’d like to personally invite you to book a call with me to learn how coaching can help you achieve everything you want from your life and your business. There are only a few slots left for this month so please book a time now using the link below.