Me and (the legend) Muhammad Ali

“Every Pro Was First An Amateur”

For those of you who follow me on instagram (link below if you don’t yet!) you will know I love sharing inspirational quotes. It started years ago when I worked in the corporate world in a very alpha-male environment. I had a new job leading a sales team made up entirely of men.

My usual go-to methods of inspiration were seemingly unsuccessful. Talking to a 21 year old male graduate about mindset, feelings, emotions was predominantly met with sniggers. Guards were up and I knew they would be hard to bring down. I had to look for new ways to crack this particularly difficult crowd. By chance at a client meeting one day I found a book of sporting quotes….. Immediately I was hooked! I printed them out and stuck them all over our office. The message was the same. I changed the delivery. It worked. Do you ever struggle to get your message across? Do you worry that no-one is listening? Do you wonder whether your ‘ideal client’ is actually out there? Have a think about the way you deliver your message….. It could be what is holding you back.

Top Tip:

  • Think of a few brands that resonate with you.
  • Look at the different ways in which they communicate with you.
  • Look at the methods of delivery (is it social media, direct mail, networking).
  • Look at the language they use.
  • Brainstorm some ideas for how you can enhance the way you communicate with your customers.

I’m off to Lapland on Sunday and can’t wait! Look forward to telling you about it next week (follow me on instagram to see some sneak peeks!) Love Faye x

One of my favourite all time quotes and one that I tell my clients all the time is:


So please remember this when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Every successful wedding business has been on it’s own unique journey.Success isn’t about replicating someone else’s journey it’s about finding your own.
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