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How to Plan a Styled Wedding Shoot

Whether you’re new to the wedding industry or an experienced pro, you already know the importance of building up your portfolio. Ultimately, that gets your clients hooked and further allures them into using your services. However, creating one is more complex than it may seem, and it takes a lot more than using your previous work.

To put it more clearly, you need to develop a shoot that showcases your talent, specifically – what separates you from hundreds of other photographers.

This is where styled shoots come of great help!

For those new to the concept, this kind of photo session closely resembles those of fashion editorials. However, the main focus is highlighting your skills and showing who you are as a wedding supplier.

While at first glance it may seem uncomplicated, it takes a lot more planning than what meets the eye. That’s why, today, I’m going to show you how to plan a styled wedding shoot in a few simple steps, which in turn, will attract a lot more clients – hopefully, ideal ones!

By the way, I’m Faye Cornhill, the founder of The Wedding Business Club. I started my journey in the wedding industry back in 2009 and I’ve learnt a lot along the way that I’d love to share with you.


Create a Pinterest Board

If you’re a part of the wedding industry, you already know how helpful Pinterest can be. Apart from storing your ideas neatly, it can be a great source of fresh inspiration as well!

So, the first step how to plan a styled wedding shoot is to create a Pinterest board that will serve as a visual pointer for what you’re aiming for.

I would recommend just starting with a broad vision – have fun and pin everything that feels exciting, on brand and has the look and feel that excites you. Also, don’t just concentrate on weddings – you can be inspired by interiors/travel/fashion and so many other things.


Decide your shoot theme

In essence, the whole point of a styled shoot is for it to be striking, making potential clients consider you as their supplier. 

After you’ve created your board, you need to think about the direction in which the session will be going. Are you aiming for simplistic elegance or detailed fine art?

You have to start by refining the Pinterest board you’ve created – so go back through and start to pick out the common themes until you have a look and style you’re really excited to create.


Collate a team of suppliers

We’ve already talked about the importance of networking in the industry, so if you’re thinking about how to do a styled shoot, doing it by yourself is a no-go.

With that in mind, this is the perfect time to connect with other wedding suppliers in your area, which can result in long-time collaborations.

I’d then start to approach other suppliers who you believe would share your excitement and also who target the same sorts of clients as you. Send an email, or a DM on Instagram – perhaps even a voicenote – and tell them about how excited you’d be to work with them.


Pick models and a venue

You might as well throw your shoot down the drain if you don’t have the models to bring it to life exactly as you’ve pictured it. Since they are an important aspect of the whole process, don’t refrain from being picky.

I actually recommend paying for a professional couple or at the least working with a couple who are happy to work in return for the photos. I would resist working with friends who aren’t experienced in front of a camera.

When it comes to the venue, I’d try and choose one that is excited to be part of your team. Hopefully you can pitch to them the value of using the imagery in their advertising.



One of the biggest mistakes wedding suppliers make for styled shoots is that they don’t have a publication in mind. Since the whole purpose of the session revolves around bringing in new clients, blogs, magazines, or websites will do that for you. Before you pitch your work, ensure that you’re targeting a publication with style similar to your shoot. 

With these wedding shoot tips, you’ll see how the whole process will go by in a breeze! I hope I’ve helped with the question of how to plan a styled wedding shoot. For even more assistance, I have a whole course dedicated to this, featuring in-depth details and tricks, which you can find on