How I Overcame FEAR…….

How I Overcame FEAR
Who else is feeling like Spring is in the air? I actually left the house without a coat today for the first time in a long time and it felt great. The sun was shining and I wore my sunglasses. It’s amazing how satisfying a quick dose of sunshine can be. It lifts me without fail.

This week has been interesting for me in so many ways. Mostly because I’ve been hearing a common theme throughout the whole week. I’m getting so much better at listening out for signals and watching for signs and this week I really felt and I really saw this.

The theme was FEAR.

Urgh, it’s a scary word. But yes – the concept of fear has presented itself to me in more than one way this week so I thought in this weeks newsletter I would talk about it in a little more detail.

Fear is something I’ve personally dealt with for a long time. As a child I competed in running races and this was really my first introduction to the paralysis that fear can bring. Now let’s get the facts straight to begin with:

I didn’t have pushy parents
I LOVED running
I was really quite good at it
I wanted to run – more than most other things
So why was I so FEARFUL?!

Because I didn’t want to LOSE.

So much so that I started comparing myself to others ‘what if I don’t win?’ ‘what if someone beats me?’ ‘what if I run a terrible race?’

So here I was…. under no pressure from anyone else…. with a desire to compete… knowing it was very possible I could win…. and I was paralysed by fear.

I accepted fear as a rational emotion, I invited that emotion in and I allowed it to stay. In fact I welcomed it with open arms because I became motivated by the fear.

Then one day something changed (which I know now was my mindset)

I remember reading a book by a runner (I wish I could remember who it was!) in which she described holding that winning moment on your mind, creating a state of being in that moment, and reminding yourself always of how that feeling encapsulated you. I did that and I was addicted.

Suddenly the horrible torment of ‘what if’ was lifted out of my mind and I was able to clearly focus on that moment. I remember closing my eyes and picturing the finish line. I remember the tingly feeling in my fingers and the lightness in my feet. I literally lifted myself OUT of the trappings of fear and placed myself into a state of DESIRE.

The same process is true of many business owners. People limit themselves by their fear of failure when all they really need to do is focus on their desire to succeed.
Are you constantly asking yourself questions that start with ‘what if?’
Do you describe yourself as a ‘worrier’?
Are you constantly comparing your success to the success of others?
Do you look at other people as your benchmark of success?
You must make decisions for YOU, for YOUR situation and for YOUR business.

This is your race.

You set the pace.

You can choose the outcome.

With Love, Faye x