How 2017 will be my best year yet

Let’s set some goals

It’s common to hear people talking about New Year’s Resolution’s at this time of year.

We’ve all been there (me included). On 1st January we fly out of the blocks by eating healthily, thinking positively, speaking kindly. And by the end of January we feel deflated and sad because the unrealistic targets we set ourselves were impossible to keep up with. The damage that this process does is actually ongoing through the year: – You stop believing that you are capable of achieving your goals – You stop having faith in yourself – You stop dreaming big – You start giving up when things get tough Does this sound like you? Do you want to make 2017 different? Here are my Top 5 Tips for setting realistic and achievable goals for 2017!


If you’ve read my newsletters before you will have heard me say this so many times. Start your plans for 2017 by dreaming big. Ask yourself what you want to achieve in your personal and your business life for the whole of 2017. You might want to buy a new car, you might want to leave your day job, you might want to have your first £5k month, you might want to go to the Caribbean. Yes be realistic but don’t be scared to dream big!


If you don’t already have a pinterest board or an actual picture board of your dreams – start today! I have one and am constantly adding my desires. It can be the house, the holiday, the pair of shoes, the car…… create a board, update it regularly and start visualising yourself achieving your goals. When you’re experiencing a low moment look at this and remind yourself of your desires.


Break down your big dream into measurable and trackable targets. Set weekly/monthly/quarterly goals. If your goal for 2017 is to have your first £5k month, break down this value by how many clients you need to book. Use a spreadsheet to track your achievements. Every successful entrepreneur will know their numbers inside and out – they will know their targets, their overheads, their budgets.


Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Be your best friend and make sure you’re giving yourself a pat on the back and a helping hand when you need it. Your body needs your support: – Eat healthily – Drink Water – Exercise regularly – Indulge (yes you read right…. allow yourself a treat sometimes!)


We can all be very quick to jump into a routine of eating our 5 portions of fruit and veg but a lot of us forget to look after the most important part of our body – our mind! Allow yourself time away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Find a place/time/activity that helps you switch off. Some people find that meditation or journalling can help. Exercise is the perfect way to relax for me – as is my monthly massage and facial!

I wish you all a healthy, successful and happy 2017. I’m looking forward to connecting with you next year! Warm wishes Faye x P.S Are you a Wedding Photographer, a Wedding Florist, a Wedding Planner, a Wedding Stationer (or indeed any Wedding Business) and are you looking for a Wedding Business Coach? Perhaps you’re looking specifically for Wedding Photography Training? If you are please get in touch by clicking on ‘Book A Call’ above.