Creating My Dream Team

At the start of the year I started a new regime of making sure that I look back on each week and reflect on what was good, what I have achieved and also what didn’t work so well. Already I can see a pattern emerging and I recognise that my best weeks are the ones that are full.

I find it VERY hard to do nothing. This week I treated myself to an amazing spa day. I absolutely love the concept of a spa day. You just have to show up and they pamper, feed and water you all in a wonderfully calming environment. Bliss At the beginning of the day my body kicks into its usual reluctance to ‘do nothing’….. when I closed my eyes it took a while for me to actually stop my eyes from flickering and it took even longer to stop fidgeting. This time I took my trusty journal and found that writing everything down that was stopping me from committing fully to relaxing was an enormous help.
It got me thinking about how much I have changed over the years. As a young girl I found it so easy to relax and switch off. My mind coped with a constant data flow in and out and I could shut off in even the busiest University library. My head felt like spaghetti junction but it never bothered me or raised a stress or concern. I could manage 3 conversations at once and still be writing an email.

Now I’m older I feel like my senses are much more aware of disruption and I have to try harder than ever to surrender to the relaxed version of me. Journalling helps me control the traffic in my head. It provides a way out for the buzzing of ideas, reminders, to-do lists, emotions and stress and leaves an empty space to allow other things in.

At the end of last year I decided that I needed a solid team of people with me this year. In previous years I have tried to be a jack-of-all-trades, cutting corners and trying to DIY some major parts of my business.

January saw a new resolve on this for me and I committed to myself that I will cut out all of the non-essential decisions in my life. In order to do this I have created a dream team of people around me who support me. This team includes: – Accountant – Web Developer – Graphic Designer – Coach – Personal Trainer – Virtual Assistant

Because I have chosen these people carefully, and with my own personal goals in mind, I can trust and empower them to make decisions for me. This frees up a whole bunch of time that I was previously wasting (and getting precisely nowhere with).
What parts of your business could you outsource to someone else?

To continue with the same energy as last week I have scheduled a busy and productive week. I’ve upped my fitness game this week and joined my local CrossFit box (god help me!) and also scheduled a reflexology session (think I might need that after the Crossfit!)

Another exciting highlight from this week was going to visit the beautiful space that is the B.LOVED Hive. It’s an amazing space for wedding industry folk to work, collaborate and support each other. I’m in the early stages of planning a workshop there so keep your eyes peeled for further details on that.

Here’s to a week of constructive activity topped with some key moments of relaxation!
With love Faye x

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