About Me

My name is Faye and I’m the founder of The Wedding Business Club

it’s so nice to meet you.

I’m guessing that you’re a wedding business owner and I’m guessing that you’re looking for a way to take your business to the next level. Which is great news, and means you’re in the right place. I’m fiercely passionate about our wedding industry and small businesses. I think it’s important that I tell you a little bit about my background and what makes me qualified to support you. 


First off I want you to know that I am qualified to support you. And that doesn’t just mean that I have a wedding business, it means that I’m qualified to coach and support you to become the business owner you want to be. I’m a highly intuitive person and I’m a huge advocate in mindset work. In fact I believe that Mindset is the number one reason your wedding business will or won’t succeed. Importantly, I have been exactly where you are. Every problem you’re experiencing is something I have experienced, and importantly, found a solution for. I took the leap from my comfortable but miserable corporate job and I have managed to change the lives of myself and my family – all whilst doing something I love.

Think of me like your professional cheerleader.

Because that’s what you’ll get when you join my community. I am genuinely invested in your future success. My goal is simple – I want your wedding business to succeed. I also believe that everyone’s path is different so I’m here to hold your hand and support you along the way to finding your path.

It’s difficult for me to explain just how incredible our community is.

The team of people we have,

the relationships,

the connections,

is second to none.

Not a day goes past when I don’t see our wedding business club members helping and supporting fellow ‘clubbers’ (our name for members!)

Couple that with my leadership and a strategic and proven method to move you forward – your success is inevitable.

How does that sound?